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Neil Brand Presents His Silent Comedy Triple Bill (PG)

Neil Brand Presents His Silent Comedy Triple Bill


The three greatest silent comedians come together for one awesome show presented by piano dynamo and much-loved broadcaster Neil Brand

Charlie Chaplin’s classic The Rink features the Tramp working as a waiter in a high-class restaurant and bunking off to the roller-skating rink in his spare time, where he gets involved with a beautiful skater and a philandering villain, culminating in the roller-chase of all time!

Buster Keaton’s The High Sign involves Buster looking for work on the beach boardwalk and unwittingly ending up as a paid assassin for a bunch of crooks. The final chase through the walls and floors of a two-storey house has to be seen to be believed!

Harold Lloyd’s Never Weaken sees our bespectacled hero clinging to a high building after attempting suicide on mistakenly believing his girlfriend loves another – high above Los Angeles, he must use his wits to dodge girders and cranes as he attempts to get back to her from a half-built skyscraper!

These comedy shorts represent the Golden Age of silent comedy and are a guaranteed laugh-maker for the whole family. Neil Brand presents and accompanies on the piano in his inimitable style.

“Brand's improvised piano playing elevates silent movies from crude slapstick to subtle ballet”

The Guardian

“Assisted by the trilling wit and polish of Brand's lightning-fingered accompaniment, the sheer finesse of each successive slapstick selection works its magic on the audience and the laughter flows more and more freely”

Daily Telegraph

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Sunday 10 Dec 202319:30